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Nurturing Growth - Venture Capital Asia-Pacific

Unlocking our digital future

We support innovative companies and people who are the vanguard in the quest to unlock the promises of the digital future.

Imagining, discovering, nurturing and ultimately releasing into the Wild revolutions and solutions is our raison d’etre and our abiding passion.

JM Parc is a Singapore anchored, globally based, venture capital investor and incubator, focusing on digital assets and solutions and their role in transforming how, how well and how fast the world solves problems.

Our success is built on understanding people just as well as technology. JM Parc’s track record as an investor has been built on trusting, partnering with and being trusted by people that are smarter than us but that still see the value in what we do and how we do it.

Our forte is Seed and Series A funding rounds where our risk appetite, skills and networks represent the greatest value to tech innovators.

Creative Thinking

Areas of Focus

Blockchain & Decentralized Finance

We invest in people and solutions that have the ideas, products and solutions to drive adoption and radical change across a range of industries and segments. Our capital markets background gives us a macro-level vantage point that keeps us attuned to the real-world opportunities across this sector.

Cyber Security and RegTechs

Responding to threats and a radical shift towards technology adoption across compliance and regulatory functions both represent fundamental parts of the success of the evolving tech revolution. As integral and essential components of the plumbing that will enable the true value of innovation to be realised in the coming years, these sectors represent significant and frequently overlooked sectors with elongated growth paths.

Payments and Saas

We remain committed to our first love, being the expanded and expanding universe of payments and payments solutions. As this sector continues to evolve and deepen, we look for opportunities to leverage and grow clever, scalable solutions across the universe of financial solutions and services.

Nurturing Growth - Venture Capital Asia-Pacific

Meet the Founder

Lars Mortensen has a background from financial services and capital markets with a deep love for and commitment to financial inclusion and proliferation of opportunity.

Although Papua New Guinea is his home and enduring love, his outlook is global and his investment remit is international.

Together with his business partner, Nathan Chang, and experienced PNG finance sector executive, David Kelso, Lars founded JM Parc as an avenue to deploy capital, experience and expertise in venture investment in a more structured and accountable way.

His greatest strength is his willingness to trust and invest in people and relationships and this is reflected in the fact that his most successful investments in the Venture Capital space have been made based on grasping the underlying opportunity then validating the investment thesis in collaboration with close partners with industry and sectoral peak competencies.

Early partnerships with Swiss VC specialist Blockchain Valley Ventures and Australian VC sponsors provided Lars with an opportunity to work with market leaders and to transition his skills and investment activities from an analytical and broad strategic focus to targeted and transformative opportunities.

JM Parc’s focus is on leveraging our partnerships and trusted relationships to uncover, evaluate, support and ultimately release best-in-class ideas and companies that stand at the cusp of transforming corners of or entire markets.

Lars Mortensen
The Blockchain Revolution

Crypto, blockchain and sustainable portfolios

our portfolio offers a professionally managed, diversified basket of carefully-selected nurtured companies.

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